Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 7.10


HF710R142070 for CitectSCADA Version 7.10

This hotfix provides a fix for:

Bug 41805 - High CPU usage on the IO server in a system with lots of IO devices spread across multiple IO servers in the same cluster.
Bug 41851 - Unreliable or high-latency networks may result in high CPU for Tran.Task.Delay. 

Files Affected:
  • ct_ipc.dll                                                                              Copy to Citect\bin and Common Files\Citect
  • ioconnectors.dll                                                                     Copy to Citect\bin
  • Citect.Platform.DatasourceDevelopmentKit.BaseDatasource.dll    Copy to c:\windows\assembly
  • Citect.Platform.PSI.BaseConnector.dll                                       Copy to c:\windows\assembly
  • Citect.Platform.PSI.Interfaces.dll                                             Copy to c:\windows\assembly