When using the CSV_InstantTrend window to view trends, tags defined in arrays are not available. 

The attached file is a modified version of the CSV_Include projects file for CitectSCADA v7.10.  Below is description of the changes made to show the array tags in the list box which appears when selecting tags in the instant trend window. 

Note:  When making changes to the CSV_Include project it is best to create a new copy of the CSV_Include project under a different name.  The reason is to avoid confusion when distributing projects to new and upgraded computers.

Variables added:
INT iArraySize;
INT iArraySize_LoopIndex;
STRING sTagName_ArrayIndex

Code added after line:1086
iArraySize = TagGetProperty(sTagName, "ArraySize",0) 
IF iArraySize > 1 THEN 
    FOR iArraySize_LoopIndex = 0 TO (iArraySize -1)  DO 
        sTagName_ArrayIndex = sTagName + "[" + IntToStr(iArraySize_LoopIndex) + "]" 
        CSV_ListBox_AddItem(hTagList, sTagName_ArrayIndex, sTagType);   ! Add tag to list 
    END !for loop
    CSV_ListBox_AddItem(hTagList, sTagName, sTagType) ! Add tag to list
END !if

Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
 Instant Trends