Projects which use the DNPR driver may create an exception shortly after startup when any other drivers recently built driver pack is installed.  A recently built driver refers to any driver pack with a file modified date after 22/Jan/2008.

This situation could be the result of an enhancement made in a supporting file of the driver system which will be installed with all recently released driver packs. 


Certain versions of the DNPR driver require a particular version of a supporting file that may be overwritten when installing another Driver Pack onto Citect.  If an incompatible version is written into the Bin directory, Citect SCADA may experience an exception error shortly after starting. 

To rectify this, reinstall the original DNPR Driver Pack to restore the compatible supporting file.  When a pop up dialog appears explaining that a newer version of DriverConfigInfo.dll already exists please overwrite that newer version with the required older version.

If you still encounter issues please contact support.


Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
 exceptions, driver, upgrade