Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.x,7.x
  • VijeoCitect 6.x,7.x
  • PowerScada 6.x,7.x

 When I try to add or edit users during runtime, I get a compile error: "tag already defined" in the file _FUNCSYM.dbf.



 When adding and editing users in runtime, CitectSCADA carries out a modified compile to add the new information to the relevant database files. This modified compile uses the _FUNCSYM.dbf file, which is an index of compiled cicode files. This is produced during normal compile time.

In the _FUNCSYM.dbf file, cicode functions are truncated at 33 characters. You will recieve this error if you have two cicode functions which are truncated at the same length.

For example, 
donnees_ch_nav_vers_modif_donnees_1 and

will both be truncated to donnees_ch_nav_vers_modif_donnees.

CitectSCADA cannot recognise these two functions as different during the modified compile, and hence the compile error.

This is not picked up during normal compile, as CitectSCADA does not use the _FUNCSYM.dbf file during normal compile.

 Tag already defined, _FUNCSYM, add user, edit user