Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA, VijeoCitect

If you try to import tags via "the OPC tag import" feature, an item called
"Item" under an alias name of "Alias" in OFS will be given a name of "Alias_Item" in SCADA v7.1 .

However, in v7.0, the variable would be given a name of "AliasItem".

This is a change of behaviour as the name in v7.1 contains an extra underscore
character. This may be an issue for customers upgrading an existing v7.0
project to v7.1.
A simple "refresh linked tags" would potentially generate a number of "Tag not defined" compile
errors during compilation, as the whole variabale.dbf would then not match the
rest of the project configuration (pages, trends, alarms, cicode, ...)

This issue can easily be fixed by modifying the import format file:

 - You should go to the Config folder, and open the OPC.fmt file (if using the OPC database type), or OFS.fmt (if using Speedlink via OFS.)

- After the [ImportFilterMap] section , add the following text:
Rule1={%s}_{%s} -> $1$2

- Save the file, and try the import again. The above rule will ensure that any tag containing an _ character will be created in SCADA without the _.
There is a small catch however: you need to make sure that the alias name in OFS does not contain an _ character.
The item name itself can contain _ characters, there should be no problem.

 OFS, OPC, import, _, underscore, alias, item