Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v7.10
  • PowerLogic SCADA v7.10

 Some customers may receive an error when uninstalling a service pack as follows:
"Installation Error: The custom action data does not contain the support file directory."
This error was caused by a fault in the v7.10 product installer, where certain steps were conducted out of order.

 A patch is available for this issue. It is installed by service pack installers into the bin directory of your CitectSCADA or PowerLogic SCADA installation. The files are called:

  • CitectSCADA SCADA 7.10 Uninstallation Patch.msp
  • PowerLogicSCADA SCADA 7.10 Uninstallation Patch.msp
Installation of this patch will enable uninstallation of any service packs previously or subsequently installed.

 Uninstall Service Pack