Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • VijeoCitect

 When using some functions which enable you to specify colour preferences in the argument as an INT value, how can you actually get an integer colour code representation?

Specifying a hexadecimal number in the argument will produce a compile error. Neither can we just simply add the colour range available for RGB (red, green, blue) which spans from 0-255.

Taking CSV_Nav_File as an example, it requires the argument as follows:

CSV_Nav_File(sTitle,sFile,iMode,sFontName,iFontSize,iFontColour, iBackColour,iWordWrap);

In order to specify the font colour and background colour, we must get an INTEGER colour coded representation so that Citect understands which colour a user specified.

How can we get the integer colour coded representation?

We can use MakeCitectColour() cicode function to get the colour coded representation.


You will then need to provide the RGB value (0-255) to get your colour preference and the cicode function will produce the INT colour coded representation for any functions that need it as an argument.

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