Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v6.0, v6.1, v7.0, v7.10 

Step by step configuration guide for the DNPR driver (v3.4.x.x, v3.5.0.x)

DNPR v3.4.x.x / v3.5.0.x is designed to run with the CitectSCADA version 6.0, 6.1, and 7.0. The v3.5.0.x also includes v7.10. This version of the driver has a different way of handling event data and has to be used with the latest cicode file (make sure to port all the changes made in the old file into the new one - if applicable).

IO-Device Settings

1) Boards Form

Board Name - User-Defined
Board Type - COMX / TCPIP
Address - 0
Rest of the options are blank.

2) Ports Form

Port Name - User-Defined
Port Number - Computer COM port number for COMX. Any unique number for TCP/IP.
Board Name - name specified in boards form.

Comx Configuration                                                           TCP/IP Configuration
Baud Rate - 9600                                                                   leave blank.
Data Bits - 8                                                                          leave blank.
Stop Bits - 1                                                                          leave blank.
Parity - None                                                                          leave blank.
Special Opts - leave blank                                                        -Iaaa.bbb.ccc.ddd –Pe

aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd is the IP address and e is the port number of the RTU.

3.) IODevice Form

Name - User-Defined
Number - Must be unique
Address - RTU DNP Network Address (from RTU itself)
Protocol - DNPR
PortName - same as the one defined in the ports form.

Configuring Citect.ini parameters:

The DNP address for Citect is defined by the [DNPR] parameter ScadaAddress. This value must also be defined in the slave device as the Master DNP Address.

ScadaAddress = X (0 to 65,534) - Default value is 3

(pre v7)

Section Name:     Code

Name:                  Startup

Value:                  Tasknew("StartRTUEventProcessing",0)


From v7


Startupcode=StartRTUEventProcessing          -> This parameter can be configured throught the computer setup wizard.

It is also recommended to use "ShutdownRTUEventProcessing" function in shutdown cicode function.

Things to Note:

1.) Startup Cicode must be run on the IOServer that has the DNPR driver configured.
2.) AlarmNotifyVarChange() and TrnEventSetTableMS() are the two primary event handling functions.
3.) Only Event Trends are supported for DNPR tag trending.
4.) When configuring Time-stamped alarms make sure to configure them as "timestamped digital alarms" / "timestamped analog alarms" -> NOT the "timestamped alarms" (as highlighted in the image below).