Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA x.x 

[Modnet]Initvar parameter does not support 6 digit addressing. This is valid for all released Modnet drivers versions till

There is another parameter [Modnet]InitVarType added to the Experimental driver Modnet V2.06.22.000 which allows the six digit addressing for Modnet driver. The allowable values for the new [Modnet]InitVarType parameter are

- 1(RD_DIG_OUT, Output coils) to use modbus function 1
- 2(RD_DIG_IN, Input Status) to use modbus function 2
- 3(RD_WORD_OUT, Output registers) to use modbus function 3
- 4(RD_WORD_IN, Input registers) to use modbus function 4
- 20(RD_EXT_WORD, Extended register) to use modbus function 20

Example: To read a Output register 432769 which is using Function 3 and register address 32769 we need define the following ini parameter:


Also please note that this parameter will only work with a [Modnet] section and does not work with [Modnet10], [Modnet20] etc.

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