Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

OMFINS versions before v2.5.xx.xx could address IO relays with the format of an integer between 0 and 36815.  Versions of OMFINS v2.5.xx.xx and higher require IO relays to be addressed in the format CIOx.y.

 Attached to this article is a Microsoft Excel marco which can be used to adjust the older style addresses to the new style addresses.  The macro is supplied as is to assist with upgrading, it is not a supported application. 

The address must be changed from xxyy to CIOxx.yy

1. Backup the project

2. If the DBF project addin for excel isn't installed open the Save_DBF.xls excel macros from the Citect BIN directory.

3. Open the attached file.

4. Open the projects variable.dbf file.

5. From the tools menu select Macros and run the OMFINS update.  If using the DBF project addin it may not recognise the file as a variable database but click OK to continue and the macro should complete successfully. 

6. Select the required IOdevice from the list and click update. 

7. Save the file either with the DBF adding Save button or right click on the page and select Save/Close DBF.

8. Open Citect project editor and first pack the project with the variable tags and any other projects which include it; then compile the project.

- Note that the macro will need to ran for each of the devices that require updating.

 OMFINS upgrade compile