Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 7.00, 7.10 

Alarm server failed to start with the error 'The file 'ALMSAVEINDEX.DAT' was corrupt or invalid'

Alarm index file corruption can be caused by adding and removing alarms from the project and then starting Citect. The problem is related to the deleted alarm IDs being re-used by the newly created alarms in the index file.

This problem will be addressed in a future release of CitectSCADA. Please contact Citect support to obtain a hotfix for the current versions.

A workaround is to delete the ALMINDEXSAVE.DAT and ALMSAVE.DAT from the offending server. The alarm save files can be found in the alarm server save path as defined in the computer setup wizard.

In a redundant server configuration to preserve as much of the alarm history as possible, ensure the other server (NOT the offending server) is started / running before restarting the offending server (with the deleted corrupt alarm save files).