Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • Vijeo Citect
  • PowerLogic SCADA

The help for reports states:
Time - The time of day to synchronise the report, in hh:mm:ss (hours:minutes:seconds).
Period - The period of the report, in hh:mm:ss (hours:minutes:seconds).
What happens during synchronisation? When will my report actually run?

For example, Time=midnight, Period=10 minutes. The server is started at 7.05am. Does the report run 10 minutes later, at 7.15?

The report does not run at 7.15. The Time is used with the Period in order to calculate the times when the report can run. The run times for the report will be an offset x Period from the value in Time. In this example, the possible times are midnight, 12.10,12.20,..,7.00,7.10,7.20, etc.

If the server is started at 7.05, the report will run at 7.10, 7.20, etc, provided the Trigger on the Report Form is empty or the Trigger expression evaluates to true.

What happens during synchronisation? The run times get calculated. At midnight (or at the configured Time), the report will run again, nothing else.

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