Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

My super genies are not working properly. When I call the function InfoForm to write a value to a tag, the result gets changed, but the engineering value is not updated. The value of the tag does not get updated. How do I fix my supergenie?

When calling a function like AssPopUp or AssVarTags, check the quotation marks around the variables being passed in. Check that the tags are wrapped in double quotes only. If there are single quotes, then a string value is passed in.

Note in the following:
AssVarTags(-2,0,"tag1","'tag2",'an example string');
For tag2, the string 'tag2' is passed in, not the actual tag. In this case, when you call InfoForm, 'tag2' will appear, thus appearing to be the tag. It appears the same as if you actually have the tag in the Infoform, but performing a Write will fail.

In the following:
AssVarTags(-2,0,"tag1","tag2",'an example string');
tags tag1 and tag2, along with string 'an example string' is passed in.

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