Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

When I open a graphics page in the graphics builder for the second time, the page gets resized. For example, I have an SXGA based page that keeps resizing from 1280x1024 down to 1024x768. How do I fix this?

The resolution of your template may be incorrect.

To check this for SXGA, and fix it:
- open the Blank template from the include project. From the Citect standard "include" project, open the standard style, "blank" template, selecting resolution of SXGA. Then right click, and select the page properties (select Properties under the File menu) to see its actual resolution. Check the resolution of the Blank SXGA template which has its resolution at XGA.
- set the resolution to SXGA,
then it will stop the problem, as SXGA is the correct resolution for that blank template.

Another workaround is in the INI file. If you use update pages with [Animater]TemplateUpdate=1, all SXGA pages that are based on the blank template are resized to XGA incorrectly. If you can reset this to 0 (which is default), then the problem will go away.

This is a known bug 17957.