Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.x,7.x 

I am unable to use historical mode on the single trend page. I click the "Toggle real-Time / Historical Trending" check box, but it never becomes checked. This only occurs on my display client (and web client), but this works fine on my server.

This scenario is caused when the system times on the display client and server are not synchronised. More specifically, the time on the display client is ahead of the server. The function TrnSetTime, which is associated with the checkbox fails because it is trying to get trend data in the future (which does not exists).

To solve this issue, set your server to be a time server, and synchronise all display clients to the time server.

In the ini files, you will need to set:

Server Side
Server = 1
Name = TimeServer //or any unique name

Client Side
Address = //IP Address of Server or TimeServer name

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