Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA / Vijeo Citect

The Following settings were used to allow communications to a 
Schneider Electric ELAU OPC Server connecting to a PacDrive C400:

1. Open the ELAU / OPC Server / Configurator (OPC Server used v2.3.11.0)
2. Setup the OPC Server Settings with the following enabled:
    A. Update Rate = 100ms
    B. Public Groups
    C. Sync Init
3. Setup the settings for PLC:
    A. Project Name = User Defined (any name)
    B. Timeout=10000
    C. Number of Tries = 3
    D. Buffer Size = 1500
    E. Wait Time = 10
    F. Reconnect Time = 15
    G. Active = True (default)
    H. Motorola Byteorder = False
    I.  No Login-Service = True
4. Settings for connection 
    A. Address = IP Address as configured on LCD of C400
    B. Port=5000
5. Test the OPC communications using the ELAU OPC Client:
    A. C:\Program Files\ELAU\OPC-Server\DiagnosticOPCClient.exe
6. Setup Citect communications (Standard OPC Settings for all forms)
    A. IODevice form Address = CoDeSys.OPC.02
7. No Additional Citect.ini settings are needed for the [OPC] section, as the Defaults were used with OPC  V1.15.18.001

Screen Shots below:

 See Above                                                           
                                                                                  Author: Nathan Slider / Jeff Honaker 

 ELAU PACDrive C400 Schneider-Electric