Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA VijeoCitect v6.x

Intermittent #COM on network only to the Schneider-Electric Powerlogic CM4000 and Power Meter PM Series I/ODevices. 

 The following settings were needed and applied to resolve the Intermittent #COM issue specific to this Users Network.  Time settings may need to be increased or decreased dependent upon the network in question.

Latest Released Modnet Driver & TCPIP Driver required to be installed as listed in the Citect Driver Web.




WatchdogPrimary=1  (Only on the Primary I/O Servers is this parameter set)

Watchdog=0  (Only on the Standby I/O Servers is this parameter set)


Maxbits=1920  !(Set to match ProtDir.dbf for MODNET / Suggested size for these SE devices = 2048)

Timeout=6000  !(Dependent upon network)

Retry=1     !(Default for some Modnet drivers is 0) 
Block=240 !(Default is 250, so may be still be applicable to use defaults)
ScanTime=1000  (Default =250ms so this parameter is dependent upon network and allowed stale values)

Citect.BIN\ProtDir.DBF BitBLOCK & MaxBits both set to equal Citect.ini parameter of 1920

I/O Device forms for all CM4000 have Cache=TRUE and Cache Time=1000
I/O Device forms for all PM Series have Cache=TRUE and Cache Time=2000


Keywords: CM4000 PM280 PM800 SE Power Meters Slow Network

                                                             Authors: Gil Blackburn / Jack King / Nathan Slider