Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v 7.00 spk 2 

HF700SP244751 for CitectSCADA 7.00 service pack 2.

Bug 44853 - [Alarm]DisplayDisable=1 produces unexpected results.

When using [Alarm]DisplayDisable=1 the following unexpected behaviour can be

- All other alarms besides the "Time Stamped Digital" and "Time Stamped Analog"
alarms cause an extra alarm summary event if an alarm is disabled and then
- Disabling and triggering a "Time Stamped", "Time Stamped Digital" or "Time
Stamped Analog" alarm causes the alarms to "disappear"; meaning that the alarm
neither exists on the alarm page or the disabled alarm page. A further
untriggering of the alarms then makes the "Time Stamped" alarm re-appear. This
has now been resolved.

Bug 43156 - Memory corruption when processing time stamped digital alarms

While using timestamped digital alarms the CitectSCADA runtime may crash during
shut down. This problem has now been resolved.

Files Affected:
AlarmServer.dll       copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7\Bin\AlarmServer.dll