Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.x, 6.x, 7.x 

 After creating a Report you get a compile error saying "Tag not found. Line[137]:DevPrint(DevCurr(),({AnyText}):##########,2)", the error message could differ on the exact tag name depending on the project.

 This mainly happens in the RTF type reports. The problem has been found in the report format file. The RTF Report file should be created in WordPad and you get this error message if it has been created from "Microsoft Office Word". Creating a report using Microsoft Word will not work for any version of Citect. The CitectSCADA help has clearly states that to create a report format file in RTF the Wordpad must be used.

To fix this problem simplly open the report format file in Wordpad and save it. The following steps can be used if you have already created the file in Word format:

1) Goto <Citect Installation folder>/User/<Your Project Name> locate the Report format file.
2) Open it using the Microsoft word and copy the contents from the Word file into a notepad.
3) Delete the Word file.
4) In the Project Editor, goto the particular report and click on the Edit button. This will create a new Report format file in wordpad. Copy the contents from the notepad and save it.
5) Then recompile the project this will get rid of the compile error.

 Tag not found, RTF, Report, DevCurr, DevPrint