Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • Vijeo Citect
  • PowerLogic SCADA

When using the MIB2CIT utility to read and parse the MIB files, the application exits when browsing to a project after the citect.ini has been selected. The exception to this is when you select the Example project it gives you a blank error window (it will still fail however).

What is causing this error?

The MIB2CIT utility has a limitation of 100 characters for filenames, anything longer than this (including the full path) will crash MIB2CIT. To workaround this, when installing the Citect product edit the installation paths so they are shorter in length and are valid in the OS being used.

This is not limited to one Citect/Vijeo Citect/PowerLogic SCADA product, but is more likely to occur in a Vijeo Citect installation, where the installation path alone is around 90 characters long.

Note: MIB2CIT is an example of a utility that can be used with SNMP driver and is not officially maintained.


 MIB2CIT, project, SNMP, crash