Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA version 6.10 spk B

HF610B45082 for Citect Version 6.10 Service Pack B

This hotfix provides a fix for:
Combined hotfix including Bug 42640, Bug 36541 and Bug 36816

Bug 42640 - Combined hotfix containing:

    Bug 38559 - Cannot locate include project after installing Service Pack B
                for CitectSCADA 6.10
    Bug 26545 - A folder is created on the web client desktop when loading a
                CSV based projects.  After deploying a CSV based project for
                web client and loading it up on the clients machine, a folder
                with the name of the project is created on the clients
                desktop, containing the variable.dbf and varibale.ndx. This
                behaviour has now been corrected.
    Bug 38255 - Security vulnerability on citect port 20222 (ODBC port)

                An intentionally malformed packet can cause a buffer overrun
                when directed at Citect's port 20222. This vulnerability has
                been secured. Users are reminded to run Citect as intended on
                a secure isolated network.

                After applying this hotfix this port will be disabled by default.

                An additional citect.ini parameter has been introduced should
                you wish to enable this port.

                To your citect ini please add:

Bug 36541 - Crash in unit mismatch detection code

Bug 36816 - Combined hotfix containing:

    Bug 36995 - "Cannot Display Startup page 'Startup'" error
    Bug 36816 - Proxi Server not working in v6.10 SPK B

Files Affected:
client.dll                              Copy to Citect\Bin
CtCmp32.exe                             Copy to Citect\bin       WebServer\client