Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA V5.5 to V7.1

I have defined my own custom startup page which displays as expected at startup on both my server and display clients. However it only displays momentarily on the internet display client before the page CSV_Start is displayed.


The issue is the result of a typo in the CSV_Include project specifically line 186 of the CSV_MM_ConfigInit() function in Delete the leading 'm'
of 'msStartupPageDflt' to give 'sStartupPageDflt', recompile and delete the project folders on the IDC will ensure the fix is propogated and the correct startup page is displayed.

Note: Any changes to the CSV_Include project will be lost when upgrading so please remember to check the after. Citect will include this fix in all service packs released after the time of writing so this may not be necessary.

CSV_Include, startup, page, IDC