Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 7.00 Service Pack 1 & 2, 7.10 Service Pack 1
  • Vijeo Citect 7.00 Service Pack 1 & 2, 7.10 Service Pack 1

The Citect Web Client does not show a vertical scroll bar in Internet Explorer when the vertical height of the Citect page exceeds the vertical resolution of Internet Explorer. Using the mouse scroll wheel will allow the end user to scroll up and down the page, however for Web Clients that are running on touch screens this will be a problem.

A fix for this issue has been produced and has been released in the form of a Hotfix. You will need to contact Citect Support to obtain a Hotfix for the version of Citect that you are running. If you are running Citect 7.00 Service Pack 2, you will need to request Hotfix HF700SP244968. If you are running Citect 7.10 Service Pack 1, you will need to request Hotfix HF710SP144389.

NOTE: This fix will be included in future Service Packs for both versions of Citect.

As a workaround solution, you can configure your Web Client to display the entire Citect page on the screen by dynamically sizing it to the resolution of Internet Explorer. To achieve this, you will need to open the citect.ini located under the webdeploy/<project name> sub-directory of your main Citect project and add the following parameters:

[Animator] Fullscreen = 1
[Page] DynamicSizing = 1

Note that the webdeploy sub-directory is created once you have prepared your project for deployment in the Citect Explorer/Project Editor.

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