Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.10, 7.00
  • Vijeo Citect 6.10, 7.00

You may have a Citect client which is only running a subset of the projects that the Citect Servers are running. Prior to version 7.00, this configuration was used to minimise the static point count on the Client machines. However, this configuration can also pose a problem when it comes to acknowledging alarms on a redundant pair of Alarm Servers. That is, when you acknowledge an alarm on the client you may find that the alarm is only acknowledged on one Alarm Server but not the other. This is caused by an inconsistency with the way user logins are handled on alarm acknowledgement requests.

Hotfix HF610A43211 has been created for version 6.10 Service Pack A. Please contact Citect Support to obtain this Hotfix or request to a Hotfix built for the version that you are running.

You can work around this problem by copying the _USERS.RDB file from the master (Run) project folder on the Server into the master (Run) project folder on the Client, after it has been compiled. Alternatively, you can just make sure that the projects you're running on the Client are identical to the projects on the Server.

Alarm Server, Acknowledge, Acknowledging