Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 7.00, 7.10
  • Vijeo Citect 7.00, 7.10
  • PowerLogic SCADA 7.10

According to the Help, the [Alarm]Sort parameter:

"Determines the order in which alarms are displayed in the alarm list. Setting this parameter to 0 lists the alarms in the order in which they are acknowledged. Setting it to 1 lists the alarms in the order of their occurrence, or ON times."

However, setting it to 1 seems to have no effect.

This is a known issue which will be rectified in a future version. In the mean time, we recommend that you work around this problem by using the AlarmSetInfo Cicode function to sort your alarms by time.

[Alarm]Sort, Sort, AlarmSetInfo