Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA x.x

 How do I display the Normal Alarm in 24 hour format?

 For Time stamped alarms we have the citect.ini parameter [Alarm]HresType which can be changed to control the Time Format. For the Normal Digial, Analog, Advanced Alarms the default format is obtained from the Windows which is normally 12 hour.  If you like to change the Display to 24 Hour format you can do it in two ways

1) Use the parameter [Intl]iTime.

2) Directly change the format in Windows Regional Settings using the following steps.

A) Goto Control Panel and Regional and Language Options.
B) In the Regional Options Tab click on the Customize button. This will open a new window.
C) In the new window click on the Time tab and for Time Format select HH:mm:ss (Please note small hh is for 12 hr and capital HH is for 24 hour format).

 Time Format