Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v7.10 spk 2 
HF710SP246095 for CitectSCADA version 7.10 service pack 2

This hotfix provides a fix for:

Bug 43013 - Cicode doesn't break when debugging with Single machine, Multi-Cluster setup.

When testing, it is not unusual for a single computer system to be setup to run multiple
Clusters. However, only one instance of the Cicode Debugger can be active on a single system
and the [Debug]CodeDebug CITECT.INI parameter does not allow you to specify exactly which
Cluster you wanted to have the Debugger attach to. This has now been fixed.

You can now use a dotted Cluster name and Component syntax when using [Debug]CodeDebug.
For example, “MyCluster1.Alarm” to Debug the Alarm component of the Cluster named
“MyCluster1”. You can now also see messages in each Component’s Kernel Window related to
whether the Cicode Debugger can attach or not. Specifically: “Cicode Debugger disabled in this
process.” and  “Debugger is listening.”

Files Affected:
Client.dll                             copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\Client.dll     web client\server