Applies To:
  • VijeoCitect 

I have a problem running some of the advanced alarm filtering on the 15" SMART Magelis iPC touch screen.  I understand that advanced alarm filtering will only work with a full installation of VijeoCitect. 

Does Citect support the full installation of VijeoCitect on the 15" Magelis SMART iPC?

Citect support currently have a bug open for web clients which are unable to display some of the advanced alarm filtering functionality.  This is because the standard web client installation which comes pre-installed on the iPC does not include some necessary dll files which are present only in the full version of VijeoCitect or CitectSCADA. 

The bug suggests installing a full version of VijeoCitect or CitectSCADA in order to have the alarm filtering working correctly.  However, this is not possible for VijeoCitect customers using the 15" SMART iPC.

At the time of publishing this KB, a full installation of VijeoCitect has not been built and is not supported by Citect.  Only the web client product is supported, a full installation of VJC will not work.

If you wish to run a full version of VJC server on an iPC, you should use the Compact iPC which is available with Hard Disk or Flash Disk (Solid State Drive).  However, this unit has a fan which may not suit all customers.

Schneider had plans to develop a fanless version of the Compact iPC in the near future.

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