Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v7.0, v7.1
  • Vijeo Citect v7.0, v7.1

When the operator attempts to add too many items on a page (create too many
animation points) and the anpoints.ALLOCHND table reaches 32767 items in size,
the graphics builder would crash.

The crash has been addressed in v7.10 service pack 3 (SP3). The graphics builder was changed to not allow the anpoints.ALLOCHND table to exceed 32767 items in size.

If this is attempted, an error message will be displayed; e.g. "ERROR -
File(.\tbl.c) Line(460) - tblAllocHnd - too many items in table,
Table[29]=anpoints.ALLOCHND, Length=32750

Re-engineering of the Citect project may be required in this instance, to reduce the number of animation points to achieve the same graphics functionality. Please contact Citect support for more information.

anpoints.allochnd, genie, graphic, ctDraw32, crash