Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA versions 3.xx to 7.xx

The scenario is described as follows:

- We create a new symbol and paste it on the page.
- Save the page.
- If we use symbol set on the page, we choose the symbol, it will hint : need to convert to bitmap.
- So, we open the symbol and use the tool convert to bitmap.
- When we go back to the page, we found the page will crash.
- We cannot reopen the page. 

Symbols need to be converted to bitmaps to be used in animations.
Hence there is a problem if the page contains and animation including an unconverted symbol.

Suggested steps to fix this:
First, fix the symbol by converting it to a bitmap and saving. 
Then Pack Libraries and Update Pages (Graphics Builder Tools Menu) from the lowest to highest level of projects where these are used.

If you have tried fixing this as suggested above and the problem persists then we should be able to fix the pages anyway.
The graphics pages are saved in two formats.  The default is ctf extension page files - the so called fast runtime display pages where the page renders as one bitmap.
The other simpler format is the is the .ctg.

To fix the pages:
First turn off Fast Runtime Display" from the Graphics Builder Tools menu then open the offending pages one at a time.  These should now open successfully because the unconverted symbol is not being rendered (or rather attempted to be rendered) as part of single page bitmap. 
You can the remove the offending symbol and save the page. Do this for each problem page. 
You can then turn "Fast Runtime Display" on again in Tools | Options menu item and open each page and save them all again, or simply run Update Pages from the Tools menu which will create the ctf (fast runtime) pages again.