Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v6.10, v7.00, v7.10

The Include project symbol CONVEYOR|cnvy_2_sec1_r is missing the allocation point. 
If you use it in a symbol set it will not display the symbol.


It should have an allocation point like in the related green version of the symbol.

You can workaround this very simply by copying and pasting the bitmap image into a new symbol.
You can save it with the same name in the same library or elsewhere.
If you saave it in the CitectSCADA Include project, Conveyors library, then of course it will be replaced on reinstall of CitectSCADA.

This problem exists in versions 6.10 through and including version 7.10.  It may also exist in earlier versions.

This symbol error will be addressed in a future CitectSCADA update.