Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v7.0, v7.1

How can I bind the tag value to the selection index of the CiText.ComboBox ActiveX control?
I would like to configure it so the tag gets automatically updated with the new value, every time a new selection is made in the combobox.

This is not supported in the CiText.ComboBox ActiveX control, as there are no built in events that can detect the change in the selection index. Therefore the bindable property's display is grayed out in the active x control.


1) Use the Microsoft Forms 2.0 combobox activeX control.

¢ Under tag association tab tick the ListIndex and bindable parameters and add your tag.

Tag will be automatically updated with the new index, as you make the selections.

2) Implement a custom cicode to manually get the selection index, and assign that value to a tag, call this function in a periodic event.

An enhancement request has been added to implement this functionality in the CiText.ComboBox ActiveX control. For more information please contact Citect Support.

 CiText.ComboBox, activeX