Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA pre publish subscribe (<V7.0)

Adding a user in runtime via the CSV_Include template or using the UserCreate Cicode function returns an error '@create user failed'. The user is added to the user.dbf but I can't login with the newly created user details.

To create a user during runtime and to login using these credentials Citect must recompile the changes on the fly. If using OID based drivers, by default Citect will not allow the project to be recompiled during runtime to avoid potential discrepancies in your tag data. This checking can be disabled by setting the following Citect.ini parameter.

CitectRunningCheck=0 (1 by default)

Please read and understand the potential implications changing this parameter may have. The help titled 'Validating distributed project data for tag-based drivers' explains this in more detail.

To reduce the possibility of OID mismatching set Incremental Compile ON in the Project Editor, Tools, Options so that only the User database is recompiled during runtime.

 OID, User, create, login