Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA V7x

 How do I assign trend pens to a trend page using Cicode in a multiple cluster project?

As per Q5336 the trend page is designed to work in single cluster environment and it does not support multiple Clusters. You can only display trend tags from one cluster at any one time. It doesn't support cluster prefixed trend tags, cluster.trendtag. For this reason you must assign the trend page a cluster either when calling the page or by setting it in the page properties. Assigning it in page properties, each cluster would require it's own trend page so in a multiple cluster project it is better to assign the cluster via Cicode i.e. PageDisplay("trendpage","cluster").

The attached Cicode is an example function for assigning trend pens in a multiple cluster project. It also overcomes issues where only one trend tag is assigned at runtime.

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