Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 
  • VijeoCitect
  • PowerLogicSCADA 

 In my project, I am using cicode to issue commands to an ASCII device. In hyperterminal, I issue "Command<Enter>" which works fine and the device responds, but in my cicode "Command^r" does not work. 

 The Enter key in hyperterminal issues two seperate commands:
1. Carriage Return (represented in cicode by ^r and ASCII Decimal Code 13)   
2. New Line (represented in cicode by ^n and ASCII Decimal Code 10)

To emulate Enter in cicode you will need to issue both commands.
This means that "Command<Enter>" will be written in cicode as "Command^r^n".

Alternatively, you can use chartostr to input the ASCII codes directly in the string. 
An example is: