Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

I have an unknown error reported by the MBPlus driver.

As the MBPlus protocol essentially mimics the NetBIOS network protocol and a subset of the MBPLus driver errors are remapped NETBIOS errors.
These errors are mapped to a base of 0x200, with an offset of the relevant error.

0x01 - Bad send or status buffer size
0x03 - Invalid NetBIOS command
0x05 - Command time-out has expired
0x06 - Receive buffer not big enough
0x08 - Bad value in NCB_LSN
0x09 - LAN card doesn't have enough memory
0x0A - This session is closed
0x0B - Command has been closed
0x0D - Name already exists for this PC
0x0E - Local name table is full
0x0F - Can't delete name - used in session
0x11 - Local session table is full
0x12 - Remote PC not listening for call
0x13 - Bad value in NCB_NUM field
0x14 - No answer to CALL or no such remote
0x15 - No such name in local name table
0x16 - Name is in use elsewhere on net
0x17 - Name incorrectly deleted
0x18 - Session aborted abnormally
0x19 - 2 or more identical names in use!
0x1A - Bad NetBIOS packet on network
0x21 - Network card is busy
0x22 - Too many NetBIOS commands queued
0x23 - Bad NCB_LANA_NUM - must be 0 or 1
0x24 - Command finished while cancelling
0x26 - Command can't be cancelled
0xFF - Still processing command

Eg. The error 0x201 is the Net BIOS error for a failure to send.