Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v6.xx,v7.xx
  • Vijeo Citect v6.xx,v7.xx
  • PowerLogic SCADA v7.xx


I am trying to open an InstantTrend Page in my project. I have followed the help and when I call the function CSV_TrendX_Display with no arguments input, I received a prompt message “Cannot open Window !TrendX”. What is the problem?


The page !TrendX does not exist in the CSV_Include or CSV_InstantTrend project. The correct name of the Instant Trend Popup Page is !CSV_InstantTrend.


To overcome this issue, you can:

1.   Change the default argument for sTrendXPage to be “!CSV_InstantTrend” instead of “!TrendX” in the CSV_TrendX_Display function.

2.   Copy and Save the !CSV_InstantTrend page as !TrendX in your project

3.   Manually input the correct page name into the function e.g. CSV_TrendX_Display(“!CSV_InstantTrend”).





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