Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • VijeoCitect

If we have enable the option of "Display Title Bar" from the computer setup wizard or set the [Animator]FullScreen = 0, runtime will display windows title bar.

The window title bar (NOT Citect title bar in the template) always shows the page's name by default. Therefore, in some situations, it might not be the information that we want to display.

There is a citect.ini parameter that controls it which is [Page]WinTitle parameter. By default the parameter is being set to have the value of {Title, 32} which means it will displays the page name.

You can change the value to different formats that are available to be used in that parameter or even specify the information you want to display by setting the parameter to be [Page]WinTitle=* and call WinTitle() function to display specific information on certain page.

WinTitle() function changes the title of the active window and will not be overwritten as long as you have [Page]WinTitle=*

Therefore, Please note that if you want to display different information on different page, you will need to call WinTitle() function each time the page changes. The easiest way is to have WinTitle() function to be called on the page properties of "On Page Entry".

Otherwise, if you want to display no information but still wants the title bar for convenience. You can call WinTitle("") in startup function so that the window title bar will be kept blank from startup.

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