Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.00

Displaying a page which uses DspPopupMenu() function (having xpos and ypos blank) via WinNewAt() will cause the popup to show up at the (0,0) location, instead of the cursor's current position.


You can change this behaviour by modifying the following Cicode:

Project Name: Include (it's in your user directory)
File Name: CTUTIL.CI
Function: DspPopupMenu( INT iMenu = -1, STRING sData = "", INT iXPos = -1, INT iYPos = -1 ) is at Line number 105

You will need to change line 125 from...

IF WinNumber() <> 0 OR mbMultipleMonitors THEN

... to ...

IF mbMultipleMonitors THEN

DspPopupMenu, WinNewAt