Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • Vijeo Citect

I am trying to get Citect to communicate to a GE RX3i PLC via the GETCP30 driver. However, when it tries to connect to the PLC, the following errors are logged in the syslog.dat file:

Generic 000008 Driver 00065585 (0x00010031)
Generic 000008 Driver 00065544 (0x00010008)

There is no documentation in the help about these errors. What do they mean?

Driver Errors in the form 0x0001xxxx indicate that the PLC itself is returning an error.

Error 0x31 indicates that the PLC is "not in sending mode"
Error 0x08 indicates that the PLC has reached its "Maximum Users" (although this second error is a symptom of the first).

These errors are typically caused by incorrect PLC hardware configuration.  In one instance, these errors were produced when the power supply module was not installed on the first slot in the rack.