Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v7.1, v7.2
  • VijeoCitect v7.1, v7.2
  • PowerLogic SCADA v7.1, v7.2

With the latest releases of the OPC, OFSOPC, DNPR, and SISCOOPC drivers, CitectSCADA supports the retrieval of time-stamped data directly from field devices. This capability is enabled by the Driver Runtime Interface (DRI), a component that is used by the following driver versions:

OPC  - from v2.03.09.000 onwards
OFSOPC - from v1.00.19.002 onwards
SISCOOPC - from v0.07.10.001 onwards
DNPR - from v4.02.24.001 onwards

If you are using any cicode to process the Time-Stamped data (via AlarmNotifyVarChange and TrnSetTable), you may need to consider these changes to make sure your system is working properly with the latest releases of the drivers listed above.

The DRI allows a driver to push time-stamped data from field devices into a CitectSCADA system. This means time-stamped digital alarms, time-stamped analog alarms and event-based trends wil be updated directly - and automatically - from devices.

No configuration is required, as when these drivers start up, they scan the system for time-stamped digital alarms, time-stamped analog alarms and event-based trends. If the driver receives updated information for any detected tags, it will directly pass it on.

Note: Prior to the driver versions listed above, time-stamped data was manually pushed into CitectSCADA using the Cicode functions AlarmNotifyVarChange and TrnSetTable. If you are upgrading a project to a driver that uses the new DRI push mechanism, you will no longer need to use these functions.

More information will be published in the v7.20 help file.