Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA (v7.10+)

 I am trying to restore a project archive stored in a .001 archive into my current version of SCADA, but am getting an error saying "Invalid Citect Backup".

 Before the introduction of the .ctz archiving format, older versions of Citect used to use an archive format indicated by a .001 file extension. Support for this format was discontinued in v7.10, however some customers still need access to these older archives (e.g. for accessing toolbox resources).

The solution is to download the v7.00 version of the backup utility (CtBack32.exe), which may be found on the Citect Toolbox.

Please note, restoring an old project is only supported for reference purposes - the restored project will probably not run in the current version, and possibly won't be supported by the migration tools. If you need to migrate the project, you may need to migrate to an intermediate version of Citect first.