Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v7.00 spk 2 
HF700SP248061 for CitectSCADA Version 7.00 Service Pack 2.

Bug 43311 - The file 'AlmIndexSave.dat' was corrupt or invalid after deleting and adding alarms
Bug 43427 - Since Service Pack 1, reports require an output device to run cicode in a report file
Bug 44720 - When using background polling, Acknowledged ON alarms need to be reacknowledeged after a restart
Bug 48127 - Citect communications can be lost/dropped/closed on a mal-functioning/overloaded/unreliable network
Bug 48143 - Client alarms lists not updating for extended periods
Bug 48185 - Switching pages may cause blank alarm page or banner
Bug 48206 - In single process mode, switching pages may cause Alarm/Event/unacknowledge/disabled log page to all display blank

Files Affected:
AlarmServer.dll                                  copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7\Bin\AlarmServer.dll
Citect.CitectSCADA.RuntimeConfiguration.dll      copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7\Bin\Citect.CitectSCADA.RuntimeConfiguration.dll
Client.dll                                       copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7\Bin\Client.dll
CtCmp32.exe                                      copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7\Bin\CtCmp32.exe
IOConnectors.dll                                 copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7\Bin\IOConnectors.dll
IoServer.dll                                     copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7\Bin\IoServer.dll
PolledDataSource.dll                             copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7\Bin\PolledDataSource.dll
ReportServer.dll                                 copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7\Bin\ReportServer.dll
CiTrendArchiveFileOffset.dll                     copy to _CommonFilesFolder_\Citect\CiTrendArchiveFileOffset.dll
CiTrendArchiveFileOffset8Byte.dll                copy to _CommonFilesFolder_\Citect\CiTrendArchiveFileOffset8Byte.dll
CiTrendArchiveInterpolator.dll                   copy to _CommonFilesFolder_\Citect\CiTrendArchiveInterpolator.dll
CiTrendManager.dll                               copy to _CommonFilesFolder_\Citect\CiTrendManager.dll
TrendServer.dll                                  copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7\Bin\TrendServer.dll             web client\server