Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v7.10 spk 2 
HF710SP248660 for CitectSCADA Version 7.10 service pack 2.

Bug 42163 - Load alarm RDB's and extend TagInfo to work for alarm properties
Bug 43013 - Cicode doesn't break when debugging with Single machine, Multi-Cluster setup
Bug 43547 - Acknowledged ON alarms need to be reacknowledeged after a restart
Bug 43872 - Cannot View Alarm Pens in Process Analyst if User does not have correct privilege
Bug 44100 - Acknowledged, cleared alarms active on redundant server after startup and synchronisation
Bug 44162 - Citect communications can be lost/dropped/closed on a mal-functioning/overloaded/unreliable network
Bug 44505 - The file 'AlmIndexSave.dat' was corrupt or invalid after deleting and adding alarms
Bug 44586 - A popup window containing many symbol set array objects takes a long time to display due to memory leak
Bug 44678 - Alarm High value property is not being transmitted to the redundant server
Bug 44982 - AlarmActive will always return 0 on start-up when running in multi-process mode
Bug 46110 - After upgraded to Vijeo Citect 7.10 Service Pack 2, alarm tag property super genie assignments failed
Bug 46302 - Super Genie associations do not show up on popup window
Bug 46333 - IODeviceInfo(IODevice,17) showing the old Server name when both the server are disconnected.
Bug 46540 - The web client fails to start.
Bug 47111 - Client alarms lists not updating for extended periods
Bug 47113 - Modify AlarmDsp() function to be able to get alarms from selected clusters in a multicluster system
Bug 44839 - Alarm history not read from redundant server if current server does not have alarm save files and both servers are shutdown
Bug 44929 - Alarm index file becomes corrupt at alarm server startup when it's peer is not running but contains a more recent different list of alarms

Files Affected:
AlarmServer.dll                              copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\AlarmServer.dll
CiDebugHelp.dll                              copy to _CommonFilesFolder_\Citect\CiDebugHelp.dll
CiDebugHelp.dll                              copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CiDebugHelp.dll
CiExceptionMailer.dll                        copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CiExceptionMailer.dll
CiMitsubishiTagBrowse.dll                    copy to _CommonFilesFolder_\Citect\CiMitsubishiTagBrowse.dll
CiOPCTagBrowse.dll                           copy to _CommonFilesFolder_\Citect\CiOPCTagBrowse.dll
CiTagBrowse.dll                              copy to _CommonFilesFolder_\Citect\CiTagBrowse.dll
Citect.CitectSCADA.RuntimeConfiguration.dll  copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\Citect.CitectSCADA.RuntimeConfiguration.dll
CiTrendArchiveFileOffset.dll                 copy to _CommonFilesFolder_\Citect\CiTrendArchiveFileOffset.dll
CiTrendArchiveFileOffset8Byte.dll            copy to _CommonFilesFolder_\Citect\CiTrendArchiveFileOffset8Byte.dll
CiTrendArchiveInterpolator.dll               copy to _CommonFilesFolder_\Citect\CiTrendArchiveInterpolator.dll
CiTrendManager.dll                           copy to _CommonFilesFolder_\Citect\CiTrendManager.dll
Client.dll                                   copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\Client.dll
CSAPSI.dll                                   copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CSAPSI.dll
CtApi.dll                                    copy to _CommonFilesFolder_\Citect\CtApi.dll
CtApi.dll                                    copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CtApi.dll
CtBack32.exe                                 copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CtBack32.exe
CtCicode.exe                                 copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CtCicode.exe
CtCmp32.exe                                  copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CtCmp32.exe
CtDraw32.exe                                 copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CtDraw32.exe
CtEdit32.exe                                 copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CtEdit32.exe
CtExplor.exe                                 copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CtExplor.exe
CtIndex.dll                                  copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CtIndex.dll
CtProj.dll                                   copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CtProj.dll
CtRegion.dll                                 copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CtRegion.dll
CTTAGDB.dll                                  copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CTTAGDB.dll
CtUtil32.dll                                 copy to _CommonFilesFolder_\Citect\CtUtil32.dll
CtUtil32.dll                                 copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CtUtil32.dll
CtVersion.dll                                copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\CtVersion.dll
Diskdrv.dll                                  copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\Diskdrv.dll
ExprWiz.exe                                  copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\ExprWiz.exe
IOConnectors.dll                             copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\IOConnectors.dll
IoServer.dll                                 copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\IoServer.dll
PolledDataSource.dll                         copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\PolledDataSource.dll
ReIndex.exe                                  copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\ReIndex.exe
ReportServer.dll                             copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\ReportServer.dll
RuntimeConfiguration.dll                     copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\RuntimeConfiguration.dll
TrendServer.dll                              copy to _ProgramFilesFolder_\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\Bin\TrendServer.dll        web client\server