Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • VijeoCitect
  • PowerLogicSCADA 

 Will CitectSCADA's native MBPLUS (Modbus Plus) driver work with Schneider Electric's USB to Modbus Plus Communications Adapter (TSXCUSBMBP)?

The official and preferred solution is the use of the CitectSCADA OPC driver to Schneider Electric's OPC Factory Server (OFS).

The use of Citect's native driver has not been officially tested and is not officially supported with the communications adapter, however some customers have successfully implemented this configuration.

Details of this configuration are as follows:
- CitectSCADA v7.10SP2
- MBPlus Driver v2.06.12.000
- Standard installation of the Adapter Driver as per documentation 35011984 Eng.

- Boards Form: 
    Board Name: BOARD1
    Board Type: MBPlus 
    Address:  0
- Ports Form:
    Port Name: PORT1_BOARD1
    Port Number: 1
    Board Name: BOARD1

- I/O Devices Form:
    Name: PLC1
    Number: 1
    Address: 20,26 (However this will depend on your system configuration)
    Protocol: MBPlus
    Port Name: PORT1_BOARD1

(All other fields are left blank)

- No specific Citect.ini parameters were required