Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • VijeoCitect 

My main project is composed of multiple included projects and each time changes to the system are made, all projects are edited and need to be packed.
I would like a global packing functionnality in Citect (i.e Packing main project will also pack all included projects). Currently, I need to select each project individually in Citect Explorer and pack it one by one.

 'Global packing' functionnality is not availble from the Citect Project Editor, however it can be done via the Environment Manager (or Citect Tool Q1162):

 - Environment Manager:
    Download and install the latest version of the Environment Manager from the Citect web site.
    Open Environment Manager
    Select project and right click on it
    Select 'Pack project'. A pop up window should appear, asking if you also wish to pack included projects. See screen shot below:

  - Citect Tool Q1162 allows you to pack main project and all included projects. See following link for further details about it:

Pack, global, included project