Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v7.x
  • VijeoCitect v7.x

'Scale range' is not displayed on the CSV Trend page. However, no hardware alarm is raised and my variable tags have correct Raw and Engineering scales defined.
Previously, the same project was working fine with CitectSCADA v6.x.

The cicode in the file, located in the CSV_Include project folder, changed between Citect v6.x and Citect v7.x. The CSV Trend page is using CSV_Trend_DspScaleRange() cicode function to display the trend scale range on the XP style trend page.

In Citect v7.x, CSV_Trend_DspScaleRange() function is only designed to work when the Trend tag name is the same as the Variable tag name. 'Trend Tag name' = 'Expression' on the Trend tag data form, see screen shot below:

Having same name for Trend tag and Variable tag, can be one of the workaround to the issue.

If changing the Trend tag database is not a suitable solution, CSV_Trend_DspScaleRange() function can be modified to ignore the 'tag not found' error returned by the TagGetproperty() function. See modified function below:

Replace the CSV_trendDspScaleRange() function located in the file by the modifed function above. Save the cicode file. Pack and recompile the project.

Note: Cicode function has been attached to this KB article

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