Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v6.x 
  • Vijeo Citect v6.x

The current project has RTF reports which are configured to not append to the one file.

Currently RTF files are being appended to the end of one output file,
regardless of the number of files specified in the "Devices" -> "No. Files" field.

The citect.ini parameters have also been added in:
RTFRollover = 1
AutoCreateHistory = 1
with no effect.

Q4361 gives some information on this but the modifications suggested in that article hasn't helped.

If the Period field in the Devices form is removed Citect will create the report file correctly and not append to it. However, putting it back in will give you this erroneous behaviour.

If the Period field of the Devices form is blanked out, and then add the Cicode function to the end of the Report Format File:

LanguageFileTranslate("<data path for output 001 file>","<data path for output RTF file>")

this will create a RTF file which contains 1 set of report details (i.e. it doesn't have report data appended to it).

Note: Information on the ini parameter [REPORT]AutoCreateHistory:
At '0', report will append.
At '1', report will cause the history file to be created.

 Report, Rollover, RTF, cicode