Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v6.10 spk B

HF610B49128 for Citect Version 6.10 Service Pack B.

This hotfix provides a fix for:

Bug 36995 - "Cannot Display Startup page 'Startup'" error
Bug 31710/38020 - ScrollBar is added to the popup window when its resized in runtime


Additions included in this fix:

The following parameters define the default behavior with respect to displaying
horizontal and vertical scroll bars. If set to 1, scroll bars are displayed when
required (eg. the window size is smaller than the page size). When set to 0,
scroll bars are never shown:

[Page]AllowHScrollBar=[0|1] (default 1)
[Page]AllowVScrollBar=[0|1] (default 1)

The following parameters define the default behavior with respect to horizontal
and vertical scrolling. If set to 1, scrolling is enabled. If set to 0,
scrolling is disabled:

[Page]AllowHScroll=[0|1] (default 1)
[Page]AllowVScroll=[0|1] (default 1)

There are 4 new page Modes (argument 3) supported in this fix that may be used
in conjunction with existing Modes:

16384  - Never display the horizontal scroll bar.
32768  - Never display the vertical scroll bar.
65536  - No horizontal page scrolling.
131072 - No vertical page scrolling.

This is a new Cicode function that provides switches for scroll bar and scrolling
options post window creation:

WinStyle(Style, On)

Style – one of the following:

1 - Never display horizontal scroll bars.
2 - Never display vertical scroll bars.
3 - Disable horizontal scrolling.
4 - Disable vertical scrolling.

On – one of the following

0 - Turn option off.
1 - Turn option on.

Example: To turn both scroll bars off for the current window:

  WinStyle(1, 1);
  WinStyle(2, 1);

Files Affected:
FUNC0.DBF                               Copy to Citect/bin
Client.dll                              Copy to Citect/bin
CtCmp32.exe                             Copy to Citect/bin
CtDraw32.exe                            Copy to Citect/bin
CtEdit32.exe                            Copy to Citect/bin
CtBack32.exe                            Copy to Citect/bin
CtApi.dll                               Copy to Citect/bin and Common Files/Citect
CiTrendArchiveFileOffset.dll            Copy to Common Files/Citect
CiTrendArchiveFileOffset8Byte.dll       Copy to Common Files/Citect
CiTrendArchiveInterpolator.dll          Copy to Common Files/Citect
CiTrendManager.dll                      Copy to Common Files/Citect       Copy to WebServer/Client/610