Welcome to Citect for Windows Version 3.10

All the information you require to implement a Citect system is included in the Design Guide, a new multimedia based help system included with the Citect software, and installed on your computer with the Citect installation program.

Ø To display the Design Guide:

  1. Start either the Project Editor or Graphics Builder (with an icon from the Citect group).

    NOTE: If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Citect, backup all existing projects before starting the Project Editor or Graphics Builder.

  2. From the Help menu, select Design Guide.

Ø To learn how to use the Design Guide:

  1. From the Design Guide Help menu, select How To Use This Guide.

Ø Cannot compile and run a Citect project when using Windows 3.1:

If your using Windows 3.1 and are experiencing problems with compiling and/or running a Citect project it is probably because Citect is running out of file handles. To fix this problem add the following line to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file:

C:\DOS\SHARE /f:4096 /l:120

Ø IMPORTANT note on Digiboard Drivers:

If you have a new ASIC PC/Xe (8k) digiboard you will have to manually make some changes to your Citect installation as the standard driver that comes with Citect will not work with this card. To enable the new digiboard driver do the following. Using File Manager or a DOS box go to your Citect BIN directory. For a standard installation this will be CITECT\BIN. Find the following driver files,




and rename them to,




respectively. Find the following new driver files,




and rename them to,




respectively. This completes the upgrade to the new digiboard driver. Note that the new driver is fully backward compatible with old digiboards. If you experience any difficulties please contact Citect support having ready the model and serial number details of your digiboard.

Ø IMPORTANT note on SNP Driver:

The SNP driver supplied with this release of Citect does not support BCD types. It is anticipated that an updated driver that supports BCD will be made available on the bulletin board. For more information contact Citect support.

NOTE: For the latest information (including upgrading from Citect Version 2.xx, and errors in the documentation), click on The Latest Information button. (For information about new features, click on the What's New in This Release button.)

NOTE: Some bug fixes may only take effect if a full re-compile of your project is performed. To do a full re-compile switch the incremental compile option off in Project Editor and click on the compile toolbar button.

Upgrading the CITECT.FRM file

If you have modified the CITECT.FRM file, you must follow this procedure:

1. Back up your projects before installing version 3.xx.

2. Back up your existing CITECT.FRM file.

3. Rename your existing CITECT.FRM file to VERSION2.FRM.

4. Install Version 3.xx (Do not run the Project Editor or Graphics Builder).

5. Rename the CITECT.FRM file (installed with Version 3.xx) to VERSION3.FRM. (You need this file to merge with your version 2.xx CITECT.FRM, so that the final

CITECT.FRM file will have both your changes and version 3.xx updates.)


7. Using a text editor, copy the following form definitions from VERSION3.FRM to CITECT.FRM:

Animated Symbols ("pgansym")

Size and Move ("pgsizmve")

Sliders ("pgslider")

Events ("events")

Accumulators ("accums")

8. Add the following option to your WINDOWS\CITECT.INI file:

[Convert]HardCodedVersion2FormFile = 0

(The conversion program bypasses the predefined database formats and uses the formats from your CITECT.FRM file.)

9. Run the Graphics Builder to convert your library, template and DBF files into Version 3 format, using your modified (Version 2) CITECT.FRM file.

NOTE: If any database warnings display, contact Citect Technical Support.

10. Close both the Graphics Builder and the Project Editor.

11. Using a text editor, merge the remainder of the changes in VERSION3.FRM with CITECT.FRM. (Open both files with a text editor and manually copy any changes from VERSION3.FRM to CITECT.FRM.)

12. Set [CTEdit]Upgrade=1 in the WINDOWS\CITECT.INI file.

13. Run the Project Editor or Graphics Builder and select "Yes" to confirm the upgrade (DBF files only).